Biome: The Ultimate Strategy Board Game Where Conservation Meets Gameplay

Attract biodiverse plant and animal species, nurture your baby animals and experience the annual predator phase.

Only in Biome, a tableau builder for 2-4 players, coming soon to Kickstarter.

Launching February 20th.

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Bring Your Biome To Life

Biome is a tableau building board game where you take on the role of an environmentalist, competing to create the most diverse and resilient ecosystem.

Featuring lots of simultaneous gameplay, players move through the seasons, drawing cards and collecting resources, playing one card and experiencing the challenges and opportunities each season brings. Each season ends with players strategically taking one action each.

Thematic Gameplay & Seasonal Strategies

Biome has a bit of luck, but mostly requires cunning strategy. Rack up points by nurturing baby rabbits and chicks each Spring. In Summer, outwit your opponents with your predators. Optimize your habitats in Fall with migration and strategize around hibernation each winter.

Will you be the apex predator of the game, or will you nurture your biome to peaceful victory? 

Take Action

Outsmart your fellow environmentalists by strategically activating actions on the cards in your tableau. The path to victory is as diverse as the ecosystems you'll create!

The core strategy lies in which cards you play, which actions you activate and when, since many actions become stronger later in the game. Once you take an action, you may never take that action again, so think carefully!

Much More To Explore 

Instant bonuses for dopamine hits, changing achievements to compete for, beginner and advanced variations, optional mini expansions - all designed for endless replayability. 

Tailor your game to your adventure level!

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Biome in an egg-shell šŸ£

What's in the box

Make your deposit today to get a free upgrade to Biome Deluxe after our campaign ends. Deluxe includes both the Natural Disasters mini expansion and the Bountiful Biome mini expansion!

Biome will be produced using 100% FSC materials and with minimal plastic.

Created by a Nature and Board Game Lover 

Hi! Iā€™m Leonie, the creator of Biome. Thank you for being here! 

After spending a few years working at tech start-ups across Berlin (Airbnb) and San Francisco (Shef), I decided to start my board game journey by founding Lioness Games. I am ecstatic to share my love of board games and nature with you through my first creation: Biome.

Protecting biodiversity has been an issue close to my heart since age eight, when I learned about humans' impact on wildlife, which causes 10,000 species to go extinct every year.

Lioness Games pledges 5% of all profits from Biome sales to organizations protecting endangered wildlife.

Thank you for supporting this dream (and nature šŸ†)!

Unlock an upgrade to deluxe (and the Bountiful Biome mini expansion) by signing up now!